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   I respect the view that sound crypto requires skeptical
   review and testing outside closed rooms. Conspiracies live
   or die by the same process. Crypto would die if there was
   no belief in conspiracies.

   Conspiracy theory drives the cypherpunk agenda, I surmised
   from the welcoming statement. Note the caution about "S1,"
   and any other crypto offering.

   Perry's sharp statements on the urgent need for crypto
   deployment are motivated, it seems to me, by a view of a
   believable, if not wholly proveable, threat that crypto is
   believed to counter. I choose to believe him; Orlin's got my
   skeptical interest -- put up or shut up -- and he's not out 
of line.

   But who knows more than what we read in the conspiracy-
   driven media and hear from our respected leaders?

   Take your pick of them, or believe your own home-grown,
   they're unavoidable, on cypherpunks or elsewhere -- they're
   the crippling religion of the ages.

   My mouth waters to hear the latest conspiracies about
   cypherpunks' evil spread of demon crypto.