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Re: "S1" encryption system (was: this looked like it might

At 09:13 AM 8/10/95 -6, you wrote:

As with Peter and Nathan, I'm also a former tool of the military-industrial
complex (:-), and Peter's right that the probably source of this assertion
is that there's seldom any "vanilla" TOP SECRET data - anything that's sensitive
enough to get TOP SECRET handling rules is usually part of some compartmented
project (compartmentalization is a formalized version of Need to Know,
where you need to be read into PROJECT X to get PROJECT X data.)
Sensitive Compartmented Information is one well-known class of stuff.
Codeword projects are identified by words picked off a list of
content-free names; some codewords that have been outed in the past are

In addition to project-specific classifications, some of the kinds of labels
on material
include variants on INTEL, CNWDI (Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information),
RESTRICTED DATA (less critical nuclear weapons data), FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA
( a weird classification for material that isn't RESTRICTED DATA any more but
they still don't want to let folks see.)

And then there's the sort of data that's SECRET by the time the people doing the
grunt-work see it, but it's various extracts of REALLY SPOOKY DATA,
that only a few people back in some agency know the whole picture,
and it's parcelled out so one group of people gets asked to build a
like this, and another gets asked to build a computer system like that,
or a mirror adjuster like that, and none of the grunts know whether the
whole deal 
is personal teleportation system (the cover project) or a space-based
assassination system,
much less how they decided on the targets....

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