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No Subject

perry, of course, is a dysfunctional human "cipher" himself,
who couldn't be civil if he was at a tea party of grandmothers.
yes, in 15 minutes he would end up screaming and
 mooning them all because they hadn't heard of Netscape or Chaum or something. 
what a prick. so he wants to lobby congress and write some code??
well perry, good for you. you just go off on your little
excursion. let us know how you are doing. send some postcards
to Blacknet, OK???

as for TCM and his invest-in-stocks-and-evade-taxes shtick, it's
starting to bore me too. frankly I think that both TCM and
PM should take a long, long vacation from the cypherpunks list
and go take a cruise together. yes, help patch up that relationship
that is so strained lately. it hurts us all to see two grown
men fighting each other. make love, not war!!! hehehehe