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I'm tired of Perry. he's always ranting and stirring the shit.
he's always setting himself up as the savior of the list
signal. what the hell has he really written? oh, the poor
bastard has holed himself in his apartment to write 
crypto code or the world is going to die tomorrow. 

thank you, mr. Jesus Christ, Nailed to a Cybercross.

see the blood oozing from the gaping flesh wounds. poor
Perry, having to bear this horrible cross while everyone
else stands around and gawks and remarks about Foster 
conspiracy theories... yes, we are being utterly inconsiderate
of his splendor and selflessness. has anyone seen
Mathew, Mark, John, or Luke around??? Perry has something
to say to them.

oh, and Perry has become Mr. Cyberlobbyist. yes, just
what we NEED, is another person to be sucked up and
ground up in the oozing washington slime regurgitator.
well, if it would swallow him up and never spit him
out, perhaps we should encourage him in his newfound
political passions.

I have seen an awful lot of noise on the
list, and I'm pretty f***ing amazed at how much of it
he's worse than detweiler. actually, I think he may be a 
detweiler tentacle.  he's certainly doing a fantastic
impression of it.  mr. holier than thou Protector of the

perry, just go stay in your dark apartment and write your
code. we'll be happy to hear from you in a year when you
have all your little tinkertoy prototypes put together with
threads and bubblegum.  

TCM is not the first person you have violated by posting
private mail. you are the lowest cypherscum for violating
privacy, perry. you know that if anything is sacred
to cypherpunks, it is Tim May and privacy, and frankly
I think you have been doing just a little to much pissing
on both of them lately. oh, violate Tim May's privacy?
well, stab two sacred cows with one bazooka, why don't
you, you little bastard... do we have any need for you?
maybe tim may is a weenie, but I'd rather have a weenie
around then YOU, and I think virtually EVERYONE HERE
concurs on that point... why don't you take a vacation from
the list? TCM has the guts to do this, and has done so
in the past. but you are just a bloated buffoon who
cannot tell when he is not wanted somewhere even as
people spit in your face.  hee, hee, reminds me of
someone else I know.

but frankly, perry, I don't think you have the balls to 
go away. if you are a real programmer, and all the real programmers
have left, what does that make you? stupid, I'd say. we would
not miss you one whit if you left, Perry. in fact I think
it's safe to say that we'd be quite delighted if you would
take your constant shit-stirring somewhere else and get
a life. TCM may have a pathetic excuse for a hobby,
but you have a pathetic excuse for a LIFE. I know you
personally Perry, and you couldn't conduct yourself in
a meeting of civilized people if you had your tongue 
chopped off, and I think there's plenty of meetings you've
been to when your peers were wishing exactly that....

xxxxxxooooo <- hugs and kisses, darling perry puppy