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Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

> In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
> ("Vladimir Z. Nuri") wrote:
> >as if PRZ is not already enough of a folk hero....
> >BTW, he has been beat by Nautilus, right? Nautilus
> >is public domain, right? (I'm thinking of that public
> >domain voice encryption released a few mos ago).
> >I wonder if he is going to try to put a "spin" on this
> >one to differentiate it from the other one. on the 
> >other hand, just having his name on it is plenty of
> >"spin"...
> I can't violate my NDA, but PGPFone will be a *major* revolution for
> communication security. I would not be surprised to see several hundred
> thousands of users. PGP will plale in comparison.

  My question is, how portable is it, and does it work over TCP/IP rather
than just modem connections (I suggested this about a year ago)? My ideal
implementation would function on the following architectures:

Unix: can be used through either /dev/tty?? or Socket (probably want
to use UDP). Works on Solaris, IRIX, AIX, NetBSD/FreeBSD/BSDI and Linux.
(audio devices are all proprietary)

Windows: uses Window's sound card device drivers, works via either 
comport or WinSock 

Mac: uses Mac sound drivers, uses Mac modem port or MacTCP

I'm looking for someting that has the look and feel of Internet Phone
(but ported to multiple platforms) with encryption.