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Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

At 14:42 8/11/95, Ray Cromwell wrote:

>I would like to see a secure voice communication protocol that is divorced
>from the particular details of the algorithms used (although a
>base level of some voice compression technique + DES + RSA will have to
>be used) That way, new and better algorithms can be dropped in depending
>on the network used (modem, ipx, tcp/udp, etc) and the bandwidth required
>(CELP vocoder, MPEG-audio, lossless encoding, progressive PCM, etc)

The codec used is at the very core of any computer telephony system. A
standard that doesn't specify the codec(s) can be little more than a
standard on message formats, which will be of little value if the other
side doesn't implement the same codec.

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