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Re: Nym Server Development....

> Describe for us what you have in mind for "nym servers" and why they are
> important, then maybe more folks will get involved.

	I beleive that Bryan is referring to nym servers along the
lines of alpha and omega (.c2.org) The omega source isn't publically
available because frankly I'm pretty ashamed of how ugly and nasty the
program is (I wrote it more than a year ago, and my "improvement" in
my perl programming skill shows if you compare that code with code
I've written lately in perl). I'm not sure why the alpha source isn't
available, as it isn't my server. (It runs on my ISP because Matt
Ghio, who runs it, has an account here)

	The alpha and omega servers share the fact that someone can
register a nym anonymously and give the server an
encrypted-reply-block rather than a real email address. This is secure
to the court-order form of attack against the anonymous identity, as
opposed to the penet server, which is not secure against court-order
attack. (There is still very much work that needs to be done towards
defeating replay & traffic analysis attacks on anonymous forwarders on
the server)

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