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Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent


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[email protected] (Bill Stewart) wrote:

>Yes, lots of us aren't using modems faster than 14400 now, but you can get a 
>14.4/19.2 modem at Fry's for well under $100.  (19.2 is unfortunately
>not quite enough to 16 kbps, given start and stop bits, unless you do
>Anybody who needs to avoid government or business-competitor eavesdroppers
>can probably
>afford $150 in extra hardware for their PC.
>This doesn't apply to international communications or folks in the boonies,
>where it's hard to get full performance out of modems, so you Commie
>spies and Earth First!ers will need more expensive high-tech equipment :-)...

Here is my usually plea to anyone designing a computer telephony
application that uses modems: please always include a low bandwidth codec!
I am on a brand new DMS-100 and have new lines running from the CO to my
house. I can still not go over 9600bps. My only alternative is ISDN, which
isn't just another $150, but $1000. Please give the user a choice of
codecs that allows for minimization of the requirenments alony _any_ of
the three axis of the perfomance cube.

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