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This Foster (And other conspiracy) BS is totally boring and old. I joined 
this list to learn 
from people how to use PGP and other crypto. I would just LOVE to learn 
how to setup PGP on WIN NT and WIN `95 for all my buddies so we can work 
towards MASS DEPLOYMENT. ANYONE who wants to talk about THAT can e-mail me at:
 [email protected]
O.K. I'll admit that conspiracies ARE fun party talk, but jeez! people, it 
is getting MORE than a little stale.
P.S. Why don't we just quit monkeying around W/ this "Export PGP 3 lines 
at a time" stuff?  Just do what I do: Get  a fakename acct. @ your local 
library, UUencode the PGP.ZIP file and send it to ANYONE with a foreign 
net.tag at random. I've been doing this for about 6 weeks now and I've 
probably gotten 5 or 6 hundred copies out by now.