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Re: Significance of PGPFone?

At 09:51 AM 8/12/95 -0700, you wrote:
>* Finally, I have a "fax modem" on my Macintosh, as many of you do. Guess
>what? I went and got a real fax machine. Lots of reasons. First, my fax
>modem had to be installed just right...if inits or preferences got subtly
>shifted, it stopped working properly. Second, sending things was a bitch.
>(Had to have the scanner up and working, which was not often, etc.) Third,

We've got a box sitting next to the laser printer that receives faxes
and prints them on real paper, which is more reliable (and quieter and
lower-powered) than leaving the computer on, though it does require
leaving the printer on.  But for outgoing faxes, much of what I send
is from the computer anyway, so it's less of a problem (though, without
a scanner, I'm more likely to only fax stuff that I generated on the 
computer than drive to Kinkos...)

Perhaps we also need to build PGPfax?
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