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Re: Bet e$ on how long it will take for PGPFone to make it overseas!

In article <[email protected]>,
[email protected] (Lucky Green) wrote:
>To loosen up the often so serious discussions on the list, I propose a
>little game. PGPFone's release is about a week away. PRZ is trying his
>hardest to keep it from being exported. Still, I have the feeling that
>some irresponsible cyphercriminal will break US law and export PGPFone
>anyway. Let us bet cyberbucks on how long it will take for this crime to
>happen. Here is my initial offer:

>I bet e$50 that PGPFone will have been exported 24 hours after its final
>release has been announced to this list. Who is willing to take the bet?
>Perhaps someone is willing to bet at less time?

I don't bet money but I'd bet a debit note of 1U$ that it'll happen after
it appears in someones home directory, is multiply encrypted and
anonymously mailed. I give it about 78msec after the recievers local
hardware is done crunching for it to be on it's way. ;-)

I say substantially less than 24hrs...