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premail www interface

I have worked the kinks out and now announce the premail www interface.
The interface uses preamil to send you mail anonymously  without fuss or
muss.  If you are not familiar with premail, check the page out and see
what is all about.  You can find the premail script on Raph's pinging

The interface should be bug free, but if you find any, let me know.  I
welcome comments/flames/criticisms.  If there are suggestions for upgrades
or future ideas, let me know.

The cpremailer that I have up is still there.  These two www interfaces
should serve many people well.  The suggestions  I received for the 
cpremailer have been implemented so that you, the user, selects the number
of remailers to use.  No more hardwiring and there is nothing that forces
you to chain.

http://miso.wwa.com/~dochobbs/premail.html   <-premail interface
http://miso.wwa.com/~dochobbs/cpremailer.html  <-  nate's www remailer

If anyone has designed a similar remailer interface for premail, let me
know. I would like to know how you did it differently. 

Of course this email is coming to you from the premail gate.

Michael Hobbs
[email protected]