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Get 1/3 net of 900-CAN-MY0B

-- [ From: J. Kent Hastings * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Buy ads for The Agorist Institute's new privacy information
audiotext distribution line (aka 900-number), and get 1/3
of the income above strictly defined costs for TeleConnect
and MCI.

After computing the service bureau and MCI take, it looks 
like we'll have to charge 1.95 (or 1.99 more likely) per 
minute if more than half of the money is to be available for
a three way split. Right now I'm reading a script on a 
low audio volume tape player at 99 cents per minute.

The three ways are 1/3 to Lon Weber, [email protected], 
the owner of the 900#, 1/3 to J. Kent Hastings, 
[email protected], Assistant Director of The Agorist Institute, 
the "sponsor" of the line, and 1/3 to an advertiser.

If more than one advertiser gets involved, we can assign and pay
for calls in defined territories. If you buy ads in Colorado, you'd 
get 1/3 of the net from Colorado calls. 

Or if just a few participate with nationwide print, radio, or video
infomercials, we can assign extension numbers, which are 
automatically tallied by TeleConnect, to identify who is to be paid.

Of course, one single investor willing to finance a complete ad 
campaign could use these techniques to select the most 
profitable approaches.

We have the line, 1-900-CAN-MY0B, and it is already approved.
The "MIND YOUR 0WN BUSINESS" audiotext program. 
1 - 9 0 0 - C A N - M Y 0 B  (1-900-226-6902)
      Note the zero digit, not the letter "O."

   "The Feds say you can't have privacy, but we say you 
      CAN 'Mind Your 0wn Business!'"

Help get it going, so we can make a dollar and provide useful
privacy news and techniques to the public. A 900# doesn't have 
the printing and postage costs of a newsletter, and the listener
doesn't need to use a credit card or write a check for a 

I'm also willing to give 1/2 of my 1/3 (=1/6) for monthly professional 
audio production.

Send e-mail to me at [email protected] for more information.

J. Kent Hastings, Assistant Director of The Agorist Institute
[email protected] -- http://www.pinsight.com/~zeus/agorist/