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Re: My pseudo-anonymous dream list

Gary wrote,

	I would add a few more suggestions of my own to your wishlist.

	11)  Seamless integration with existing mail programs, such as Eudora.

what about...pine, pegasus, sendmail, airmail, news mail programs... I think 
would be up to the individual user or for someone to develop the perfect pgp
mail program.

	12)  Notification that your message has been received (I'm not sure 
how to
	do this and maintain anonymity)

I don't know either if you chain your mail before it gets to the nym server. 
The idea of chaining is to keep the sender anonymous.  Maybe if the nym 
server send mail to your reply block every time your alias and password are
used to send mail.  Though it would have to be something like "your alias has
sent mail to the following [email protected]

	13)  Ability to handle very large encrypted files (binaries).

Why?  I think this would either

1) cripple the server from the load

2) make it easier to track back to the sender. If you are comparing 1 meg 
   against 1000 byte files it would be much easier to filter out what you are 
   looking for.

3) give anon mailers the reputation of porn/warez/church of scientology 
document       distibuters and not privacy mailers which defeats some of the 
things that are 
   trying to get done.

	14)  Perhaps increasing security by breaking messages into several 
	routing them through
	different chains, and reassembling them just prior to transmission to 

Ouch.  I think that would be hard to manage :)  Can you imagine thousands of 
sending tens of thousands of messages a day and having more than one remailer 
to keep track of hundreds of thousands of 'chunks' of mail.  That would start 
resemble tcp/ip in complexity.

	Keep up the good work!

The concepts are good, I just don't think the implementation would be very 
You should sign up on the nym server mailing list that was posted here a few
days ago if you are interested in pursuing these ideas.

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