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Re: An article for Wired magazine

I'm less worried about the annonymity aspect than the security aspect. The 
reported Mondex approach is less than impressive. 

The major problem with DigiCash is the patent portfollio. I don't much like the 
idea of David Chaum replacing the government as the controller of the money 
supply. Sorry, I just don't.

The problem with Chaum's work is that it is unbalanced. He considers only the 
privacy aspect. The prevention of extortion aspect he does not consider. 
DigiCash have never addressed the baby-napping protocol problem as far as I am 

Governments have certain rights in our society that individuals do not. This is 
justified by their being democratically accountable. I don't think we should 
readily agree to surrender those rights. Do you want the world of the future to 
be controlled by Bill Gates, Ted Turner and David Chaum?