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   8-15-95. NYPaper. [fundie lab-work for quantum 

   "It's a Molecule. No, It's More Like a Wave. In theory, an
   amoeba can behave as a wave and interfere with itself. In
   a university laboratory, a subatomic search for
   Schrodinger's Cat."

      Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      recently completed an experiment that proves that an
      object at least as large as a molecule can be made to
      act like a light wave -- forcibly split into two
      component waves and separately manipulated, altered,
      recombined and analyzed. Dr. David E. Pritchard and his
      colleagues at M.I.T. remind skeptics that quantum theory
      permits any object to behave as either a particle or a
      wave, depending on how it is viewed. Dr. Pritchard's
      research and that of other teams around the world
      represent an explosion of scientific interest in
      interferometry, a centuries-old technique by which waves
      are split and made to interfere with themelves,
      revealing details of nature that are otherwise hidden.
      With a brilliant history of discovery behind it,
      interferometry seems poised for a new golden age.

   CAT_tal (about 15kb)