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Re: CoS Raid on "Copyright Terrorist"

> At 09:28 AM 8/14/95 -0400, Futplex wrote:
> >Some CoS news:
> >
> >This past Saturday (95/08/12) a prominent Church of Scientology litigator,
> >Helena Kobrin, and some U.S. federal marshals raided the home of Arnaldo
> >Lerma, seizing pretty much all his computer hardware, disks, etc.
> So why is it that people insist on listing their home addresses with their
> ISP's rather than a mail receiving service or something else.  It is very
> hard to raid a mail drop and obtain anything useful.  While it is true that
> if you blow up buildings, the Fibbies may be able to find you, quite simple
> techniques can frustrate even quite dedicated private parties.

  One of the reasons I used to receive all my mail at the "FSF" machines
(GNU.AI.MIT.EDU) was because I had a completely anonymous account. I had
the GNU account long before the FSF started registering people's 
name/phones, and I used to telnet into GNU from several completely
open annexes in Maryland. (the colleges would allow you to simply
telnet from the terminal server to anywhere with no restrictions.
This was back in 88-89 when the internet wasn't as big. Of course,
they shut it off later when outside users started busying up
the lines) And since I had root on the system, I could delete the
logs recording which IP addresses I was coming from.

Nowadays, a $10-20/mo maildrop at places like "Mailboxes, Etc" works fine.
(although there's still the possibility of them nabbing you when you go
to pick up the mail)