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Re: CoS Raid on "Copyright Terrorist"

At 01:17 PM 8/15/95 CDT, Mike McNally wrote:

>Mailboxes Etc. insists on getting a picture ID; at least they did last
>time I checked.  Some smaller mom&pop places will take a business card
>(time to break out your Jim Rockford Business Card Fabrication Kit).

I always supply picture ID these days.  It's really rough getting those cold
lamination-Employee ID kits from Office Depot, taking the polaroid on a blue
background, trimming the photo, and assembling the employment ID.  I'm one
of my best employees.

Don't forget to include your EMP_NO.  It gives the clerk something to write


"Governments are simply not fully sovereign in the world of information;
their powers within it are strangely limited....This weakness of government
control within computer nets--a product of strongly protected privacy, a
lack of frontiers and confusions of jurisdiction--make them natural places
for subversion." -- The Economist "Softwar--A Survey of Defence Technology"