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Re: Purple Boxes


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>Does anyone know of sources for des chips???
>Are there any public key chips out there???
>Has anyone ever tried putting PGP on a chip??? RSA??? (Are these too
>slow for realistic real time hardware voice/data encryption??)
>I know a little about digital electronics (I am a computer engineering
>student) and I would love to get some data books and see if I could
>come up with a secure "encryption box" that people could build.

I don't know off the top of my head who makes DES and RSA chips.  I am
sure there are many manufactors of DES chips. Try TI, National, and
Motorola. I belive that Schneier has a list of RSA chip makers.

For the DSP part of a "bump in the cord" encrytion box, you want to get
the "TI TMS320 Family Development Support" booklet by calling (800)
477-8924. You also want to look at Motorola's 68000 CPU, DSP, and
controller on one chip. I can't recall the exact product number. Just call
Motorola and ask for it.

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