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next letter...

> Pl. teach me about american indians ?
What would you like to know...  I'll answer any questions that I can, and
research any that I can't.
> From Canada or a US state ?
Well, the Chickasaw tribe is originally from the Southeastern US (Alabama,
Kentucky, etc.)  The name (in the native language) means 'Unconquered and
Unconquerable'  During that time, the Chickasaws were mainly
farmers/traders.  But if someone made them mad, they NEVER forgot or forgave
until the debt was settled.
Early in the war between the French and English, the English hired the
Chickasaw people to fight for them.  The French didn't stand a chance after
that because of the Chickasaw and their allies.  (When the Chickasaw were
hired, they also asked other tribes to help in the war.)
The Chickasaw's real name is spelled Chikasha (chi-KAH-shuh).
My 'indian name' is: "Akuckma Kallo Hin-li Nita ho atuk Nutackhish".  (It
means 'Bad-tempered standing bear, he that has a beard.')  And since I am
1.9 - 2m tall and weigh about 150Kg, it kind of fits...  #:^)
> I made a blizz trip to California and, when staying at the Canyon's, I had
> the opportunity to visit Indian reserves but didn't want to - don't ask me
> why.  I'm a little disturbed by these "come-and-see-me" touristic
> roundtrips.  Although I saw a lot in a very very short time, I felt
> uncomfortable about looking at "people" as part of the trip.  Stupid?
As long as you treat the people with respect and dignity, what is to
be ashamed of?  These displays are done to educate people.  To let them
know more about the tribe, it's culture and it's history.
As long as you keep in mind the idea that it's there to teach, there's
nothing at all wrong with it.
There are some ceremonies that aren't done for show.  Like (for example)
the Cheyanne (shy-ANN) Sun Ceremony.  This is a VERY serious thing.  It
lasts for 4 days (4 is an important number).
During this ceremony, sacrifices are made.  You can sacrifice some of your
flesh by cutting it off of your own body, or you can sacrifice pain.  If
you choose to sacrifice pain, then there are several options.
You can have bone skewers inserted under the muscles in your chest and be
lifted into the air until the skewers tear free (blowing a bone whistle the
whole time).  Or you can have ropes attached to the skewers and the top of
a pole, then you lean back until you break the ropes.  (Again blowing the
whistle.)  Another way is to have Buffalo Skulls attached to the skewers.
You then put the Buffalo skulls on your back and dance until they break
free or tear out of your chest.
And all of this is done in the hottest part of the summer. (At a
temperature of about 38C.)
> Where do you live now?  How did you evolve from an Indian culture to a
> US-city-bourgeois-like life ?
I live about 30Km north of Seattle in a town of 75,000 called Everett.
It's a nice place to live.  Not too much crime except for an occasional
noise complaint.  All things considered, I think it's a nice place to raise
my kid.
> > Hobbies : Midieval Warfare (Tactics & Weapons),
> Woops  !
Woops?  Is that good or bad?
> Sorry I was late in wishing you all the best.  At your age, the world's
> expecting you !
Uh oh...   I was hoping to sneak up on it.  #:^)
> I won't comment on the maths..  I really hate it, sorry !
Most people don't like math...  I guess you have to be a little crazy to
like math.  But I've found that it actually relaxes me.  I sit down and
figure out a new formula, and I feel good that IU was able to do it.
> Another cultural "question" : what's a "peptic ulcer"?  I know an ulcer as
> being something very painful on your stomac (I never had it, thanks God..)
A peptic ulcer IS a hole in the stomach...  I've had the ulcer since I was
9 years old.  It's like a part of the family now.  So I consider it a
'pet'.  I know it sounds crazy, but if I worry about it, it just hurts
more.  It feels like having a belly full of fire as it is.  I don't need it
hurting any more.
> Believe it or not, I've been in Washington once but on business trip for
> the AIIM show  (sorry, AIIM stands for Association for Image and Information
> Management - a "huge" yearly show)...  In fact, these business trips are a
> real scandal fly in/fly out without any time for visiting whatsoever because
> of time (and money) constraints..
> Forget these negative words, because I really loved all my US trips
> (but was really mad not to be able to spend at least one week in each
> city/state)  I've been in Boston and Lowell/Mass several times, in
My uncle teaches music at Berkley Music College near Boston.  Some of his
works have been berformed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and the
Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra.  I know NOTHING about music though...  I'm a
scientist, not an artist.
> Canada once (the Water Falls, straight from Boston and back the same
Niagara Falls?
> day), Los Angeles(+ one day Disney Land), Florida(+ one day Disney World -
> waw !!), in Chicago and SanFrancisco twice, in NY three times, and of course
> my "see-the-US-in-10-days" tour which involved the Californian Coast
> (Monterrey, Carmel, SeaWorld, LA) + all canyons, Death Valley, Arizona
> Desert, Scottsdale, etc.
I went down to California a few years ago to meet some friends.  Haven't
been back though...  :(
> When I re-read this, I have no right to complain : I loved it all and
> won't stop coming over...  Next year, I hope to conquer Canada while one
> holiday. (The AIIM show will be in Chicago again in 1996).
If you like being in the outdoors, you may want to consider going to Alaska
(Denali National Park) or the Canadian Northwest Territories.
> By the way, your US map (on my computer) is a little bubbled..
What do you mean 'bubbled'?  It didn't come out right?
> But don't worry, I have great maps and books and videos and whatever
> on the States at home. I have even family in the Concorde/Mass. and
> in the Vermont.
My girlfriend is originally from Connecticut, and I always tease her about
it.  I tell her that if my friends knew that my girlfriend was a 'damn
yankee', they'd never let me hear the end of it.
> all my internet drugs, except when it's football on TV...)
Football = Soccer I presume...  Over here 'Football' is a completely
different game.  I used to play it in school when I was about 16 years
old.  (Ever seen/herd of 'The Dallas Cowboys'?)
> I'll come back to you soon (we have a four days week-end here as from
> Saturday).
Hope you enjoy your weekend.
> PS :            Thanks for all info about the net.. Where did you learn
>                 French?  (Escargot..)
I don't know French...  I know food.  At 150Kg, I know food...  #:^)
Hope to hear from you again soon...
[email protected]