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Re: FBI Files on Clipper Release

Dave Banisar quotes FBI documents obtained via the FOIA:
>      Technical solutions, such as they are, will only work if 
>      they are incorporated into *all* encryption products.  
>      To ensure that this occurs, legislation mandating the 
>      use of Government-approved encryption products or 
>      adherence to Government encryption criteria is required.

> Testifying before a Senate Judiciary 
> Subcommittee on May 3, 1994, Assistant Attorney General Jo Ann 
> Harris asserted that:
>      As the Administration has made clear on a number of 
>      occasions, the key-escrow encryption initiative is a 
>      voluntary one; we have absolutely no intention of 
>      mandating private use of a particular kind of 
>      cryptography, nor of criminalizing the private use of 
>      certain kinds of cryptography.

By exactly what mechanism are appointed (hired ?) officials such as AAG Harris
supposedly accountable to the public ?  Can they be brought up on perjury
charges ?  Just what real legal recourse do we have against lying scum in the
bureaucracy ?  Are we stuck unless we can get some Congresscritter to cry
foul on the floor of the House or Senate ?

-Futplex <[email protected]>
"you said too much; and what you said, it was a lie" -EMF