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Out of state gambling

Hello C-Punks:

(nb This is posted anonymously because I had this idea the implementation
of which would be (probably) illegal.  I'm not sure whether putting my 
name to the idea would be a good idea for the reason that I can't be
sure that I wouldn't be implicated under the overbroad "conspiracy" or
"Rico" powers which are oh so popular as a way of putting people away
for thought crimes.  This message will in any case have appeared via
a couple of foreign remailers on it's way. I am proud of the idea, but
I appreciate those of you who know who I am keeping quiet about it, as
I'm just being prudent, and extra cautious.

The idea.....Out of state gambling, Internet style - lets give them a
taste of whats to come.

You may recall that a short time before Pres. Clinton got elected, the
Wall Street Journal had an article about gambling taking place in Moscow
and London on the outcome of the election.  The story told by the article
was that the bookmakers in London had more up to date and better info.
than Gallup and Roper obtained with all their phone polls.  
The London bookie's accuracy was vindicated by the outcome, as Clinton
won, and by the predicted margin.

Ahhh...The power of the free market. Makes sense too, if it's your own
money on the line rather than someone else's phone call (during a meal,
of course) I wander how many US bets were placed in England (covertly,
via friends etc.).  The internet casino, which will soon be open for
business - <http://www.casino.org> - adds a new Internet related twist
to this.  Could someone, perhaps a furriner, perhaps talk to the folks
at casino.org and see if they would be willing to open a book on
presidential election outcomes.  Or perhaps organize something with
an enterprising London/Moscow gambling house, preferably with fast
IP feed, and constantly updated odds on the web.

The Internet Casino is advertising that they will be having their 
"Grand Opening" on August 18.

My aim is to make cheap, timely & accurate poll predictions, not
to encourage contravention of the gambling laws, which are, after all,
oh so important to protecting life as we know it. If some people 
choose to avoid these laws I disclaim all resposibility, but the anon.
remailer is insurance that all of you will feel the same way.

The aim in writing this short missive to cpunks is to encourage
someone who is more able legally to help this idea happen.

Just attempting to add some substance to Tim's sig. quote, about
national borders being merely "speed bumps", my ideal implementation
would see lots of e$ bets, cpunk-remailers, and (for US citizens) strong

Any suggestions for books?
I've got a few (besides the obvious, "Who Wins"?) such as:
Which Republican will win the nomination?
Will "Speaker Newt" run.
Will "Moneybag$" enter the race?
If so, will he drop out and enter again?

Any comments on the practical and legal issues (such as exactly what
laws I'm violating) or on getting publicity for such a scheme? This
might be easier than we think, as the media [at least the WSJ] is well
aware of the bookie's superior accuracy & lower cost.

Thank you.