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Re: First known ... (stop this thread please)

> Also, there are other potential claims for this sort of thing. Based on
> varying extents to which the "electronic money" is really secure, is
> cryptographically interesting, etc.

Sorry, I think we should kill this thread while we're still on top of 
it. The discussion was CyberBucks, not electronic payments or 
anything like that. I _KNOW_ what the first transaction was, since I 
made it, I saw it at the bank, I received the goods, and got an email 
from the sender saying it was the first transaction.

I do not wish to take claim for any of that other stuff, whether it
is Chaumian or not. No doubt somebody traded some baseball cards for
a few bits somewhere back in the fifties. Let's not dig up any other
dead bodies. My claim (which was only to show the incorrectness of
the other) is a very restrictive one, and is only for the CyberBucks

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