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Re: Non-News Govt Announcem

It seems more likely that the opposite will occur: Clinton has been pandering
for the police vote so strongly that he's more likely to come up with more
draconian proposals to curry their favor.


Date: 8/17/95 11:47 PM
To: Dave Banisar
From: Timothy C. May
At 9:49 PM 8/17/95, Dave Banisar wrote:
>The White House and NIST annouced today that they were planning to hold two
>open meetings next month to develop standards for "acceptable" software key
>escrow.  The standards will then be made into a FIPS. The programs cannot
>have keys larger than 64 bits.
>Its great to see that it only took them 18 months (since Feb. 94) to come
>up with a call for public meetings for something that nobody really wants
>anyway, expcept for the officals who plan to make it mandatory by slipping
>it through bit by bit and a couple of vendors.  (sorry, sarcasm mode

One thing I'm hoping for is that Clinton will, as he contemplates his last
year and a bit in office, have an attack of "liberalism." That is, I am
hoping he realizes that any mandatory key escrow system is not only a
massive infringement on the right of people to speak and communicate as
they wish, it is also handing the keys to the Surveillance State to the
likes of Bob Dole, Jesse Helms, Alonse D'Amato, Newt Gingrich, and William

--Tim May

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