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Re: Export policy change

On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, David K. Merriman wrote:

> >Ok, let's escrow our keys with Julf :-)
> >
> >Seriously, there might be a market for somebody to become a professional 
> >escrow agent....
> >
> >(tongue partially in cheek)
> >
> I will cheerfully escrow keys for 1$ ecash/key. Please be advised, however,
> that key storage will be on an old 40M RLL drive on an 8088 machine, so
> retrieval may be a bit slow and unreliable.......

Same here -- I have an original Compaq "Sewing Machine" Portable with 
a 40MB hard card.  Of course the HD sticks and needs a good whacking
sometimes, and the last floppy came out of the drive smoking and
covered in grease.  (You DO have a 5 1/4" 360K floppy don't you?)

My service, however is $2.  That's because all keys are encrypted against
my key, which is unfortunately escrowed with the fellow listed above.

Sorry about having to pass along the extra costs. :-)

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Unix, Sybase and Networking consultant. "...you have a personal responsibility 
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