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NSA's black hole event detector

-- [ From: J. Kent Hastings * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>On July 19, Gerald Ollman and Robert Wayne, two researchers from the
>University of Maryland geophysics department were detained in Fort Meade,
>Maryland, apparently by agents of the National Security Agency, whilst
>taking measurements of the Earth's gravitational field. 

So, the NSA has a microscopic black hole they're modulating with a fine
particle stream, so gravity wave detectors can receive messages through 
the Earth using hyper-amplified optical data cubes. These messages 
could not be jammed by e-m waves (OK, terawatts at the receiver maybe).

According to Communications Quarterly, such black hole events could 
arguably support a compressed real-time digital voice channel. This 
sounds like the "heavy hand" devices in the new Free Space 
science-fiction anthology.

What? You haven't read it? Neither has anyone else, but when it finally
comes out you'll get to read my story about blue helmeted Earth Union
troops battling a neo-Confederate militia 20 years after the War of 
Annexation. Nanotech weapons, makeshift missiles, home-brew spacecraft.

An important part of a balanced breakfast.

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