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   8-19-95. NYPaper:

   Whitfield Diffie OpEd: "Washington's Computer Insecurity."

      The Federal Government has refused to allow companies to
      export strong encryption systems, insisting that
      cryptography is a military weapon. If the Administration
      does not fundamentally alter its position, it is likely
      that our high-tech industries, which sell more than half
      their products outside the country, will continue to be
      forced to sell programs with weak security systems. This
      will pave the way for foreign companies to grab what is
      expected to become a huge market for properly
      safeguarded computer communications.

   "Citibank Fraud Case Raises Computer Security Questions."

      A $10 million computer fraud against Citibank appeared
      to be the first successful penetration by a hacker into
      the systems that transfer trillions of dollars a day
      around the world's banks. New details of the case were
      disclosed as a Federal complaint was unsealed in
      Manhattan. The hackers were accused of breaking into
      Citibank's cash management system, a network that allows
      its corporate customers to transfer money to any bank
      account in the world. Banking experts said similar
      breakins were bound to occur at a time when more
      powerful personal computers are available. Since the
      break-in, Citibank has required customers to use an
      electronic device, that creates a new password for every

   Two: HAQ_kof (11kb)