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Re: 64 bit keys breakable by the NSA or just some random key length?

At 12:51 PM 8/19/95 -0600, zinc wrote:
>i was thinking about the recent Clinton/LEA proposal regarding exportable 
>crypto.  the new rules would allow 64 bit keys to be exported, as long
>as the master key was made available through some key escrow service.
[good stuff deleted]

>since this *is* an escrow system, why didn't the gov't just go with
>the unbreakable 128 bit key length?  

   This is the kicker!  If what I heard is true, anyone can escrow the keys
under this new plan.  We know that the govt has no problem breaking it's one
rules by saying the magic words "matter of national security", so why don't
they require the keys be held by the govt?
   ... You know they can break it.   ...  I guess they assume the middle
american will buy it!  Just kills me.  

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