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Re: NSA into antigravity?

                          SANDY SANDFORT
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On Sun, 20 Aug 1995, Andrew Spring wrote:

> Missile targeting software depends on good models of the earth's gravity
> for accuracy, both for design and for simulation purposes. . .

Not so much a model as an exact map of earth's gravity field.
Twenty years ago, I was friends with a scientist who had worked
for the US government some years before that.  He sailed around
the North Atlantic in a ship that contained extremely sensitive
gravity measuring devices.  He was mapping masscons on the ocean
floor so that their effect on intercontinental ballistic missiles
could be taken into account when targetting the missiles.

The equipment was sensitive enough to measure the gravity
gradient between sea level and altitude of a meter or two.  Since
the ship on which he sailed regularly experienced swells of that
magnitude or greater, other equipment was used to measure the
swells and to mathematically cancel out their effect.  Cool.

I can see why the folks at Ft. Meade would be hinkie about such
measurements being made around them.  No need to hypothisize
micro-singularities or anti-gravity experiments.  Occam's Razor
in action.

 S a n d y

 Who must secretly work for the NSA's disinformation department.