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Re: Netscape to copyright URLs?

At 02:39 AM 8/20/95 -0400, you wrote:
>Today's surf of Netscape's home page yielded an interesting question. Is
>Netscape trying to licence links to their products? To me
>http://home.netscape.com/comprod/mirror/netscape_now_program.html seems to
>suggest tha you can only display certain logos and info if you are
>licensed by Netscape. You could for example not put up a link to their
>"Download Netscape NOW" page without prior approval by Netscape.
>This seems to be a new development on the web. Since when does one need a
>license to include certain URLs in one's home page?

The Netscape general info document specifically states ....

>Aside from the ftp mirrors we list on our home page, we do not allow
>redistribution of our software.  This means that it is not legal to put
>our software on your ftp server, nor to include it on disks you are
>distributing, although you're more than welcome to include a pointer to
>our home pages so that people can download the latest version for

They have specifically given permission here for links, at least to their
home pages, possibly even to other items such as a downloadable netscape.

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