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Re: NSA into antigravity?

>>On July 19, Gerald Ollman and Robert Wayne, two researchers from the
>>University of Maryland geophysics department were detained in Fort Meade,
>>Maryland, apparently by agents of the National Security Agency, whilst
>>taking measurements of the Earth's gravitational field. After 18 hours of
>>questioning, they were released after being instructed not to discuss the
>>incident. Their equipment and results were not returned.
>>Neither the University nor the NSA has commented on the incident. However,
>>it is believed that Ollman and Wayne were investigating a slight anomaly
>>in the Earth's gravitational field centered around Fort Meade. No reason has
>>been given for their detention.

Missile targeting software depends on good models of the earth's gravity
for accuracy, both for design and for simulation purposes.  Since Ft. Meade
was doubtless the target of many nukes during the cold war (and probably
still is), that may account for them having a bug up their asses on the

'Course you know the NSA;  the world's largest employer of mathematicians,
the largest purchaser of computer hardware, and the largest consumer of

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