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Re: Basically F-C-ed

Anonymous sez:

: FBI Probing Planted Explosive

: Orlando, Fla., August 20 (AP) -- Two explosives were
: planted in a professor's suitcase to test airport
: security measures in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were
: discovered when he arrived in Orlando, officials said
: Saturday.

: Kensel said such security measures were normal for
: Europe.

: "Particularly in Europe, there are grave concerns about
: security issues," he said. "As a result, they do conduct
: various security programs regularly. This was part of a
: routine check of their own security systems.

: "The bag got away from them basically," he said.

Airport police was very quick to point out that such practices
were legal, now when they do that ......

Alex de Joode
Fear Uncertainty Confusion and Kaos, Inc.