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Re: A glance at the future of missing child identification

> We all read the stories. "Infant stolen from crib in Hospital", "Thousands
> of children abducted every year". Many parents would jump at the anything
> that might increase the chance of recovering their children should they be
> abducted. Just take a look at lines during "Child Fingerprint Days" at you
> local mall.
> The transpoders also provide ID for the ATMs and credit card termials of
> the future. No criminal can loot your account. You can leave the ATM card
> at home. How convenient! 

    This is one place where the nutty end of the religious right can 
actually help preserve liberties - the proposal is so close the the 
'mark of the Beast'  in Revelations that they can be counted on to oppose
it to their dying breaths.

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