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On Mon Aug 21 09:26:50 1995: you scribbled...
> -------------------------------------8<-------------------------------------
> # SSLbrute 1.0 parameter file for Hal Finney's 2nd SSL challenge as 
> # posted to Cypherpunks on 19 August 1995. 
> #
> # file checksum (ignoring # comments and whitespace) is 2977
> CLEAR-MASTER     fbc009916010a6153f8f36
> CHALLENGE        07ea7b9d65eb61fabb4174e8453a5fc6
> CONNECTION-ID    d5e638d68ca8a1aeca2ef8c8e29602a4
> SERVER-VERIFY    006599b6d2f2a736
> -------------------------------------8<-------------------------------------

I've checked these numbers and I got the same answers.

Anyone who feels up to it can check the page


> The keyserver will not be doling yet but please pickup the software
> ready to start.

Just a question, what's the purpose of this challenge?  If it's to do it
as fast as we can, then what about the person who already posted to the 
list saying that they were starting (with keys a000 -> afff).