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Re: WhiSSLing in the Dark

Hello [email protected]

Anybody get the feeling someone is writing off their computers real fast?

> In home computer terms, Doligez guesses a network of
> about 80 Intel Pentium-based machines would be equivalent
> at around $10,000, meaning there are many more economical

  80 Pentiums, at 2000 each, makes 160 000.
  8 days per attack, 10 000 per attack, makes cost of attack 1250/day

  160 000 / 1 250 = 128 days.

Anybody's Pentiums actually wear out after half a year?

You could question my 2000 figure, but even at 5000 it'd still be just
a year. Cost of capital doesn't change by more than 10% in that time.

Hope I'm making sense... and sorry about flogging the dead horse...

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