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Quantum Computers for the 12th Time

At 7:00 PM 8/21/95, J. Kent Hastings wrote:

>Doesn't quantum coherence require molecular precision if it
>is to work on 1024 bit PGP keys? If it works, such keys can
>be instantly factorized. It would be nice to follow that progress.
>If human engineered molecular nano works, we'll have much
>more than PGP to worry about. Copies of copies of
>replicating disassemblers could rip the Earth apart in three
>days, assuming doubling every 20 minutes like bacteria,
>but not limited to proteins.
>That would have a big impact on digital cash networks!

I urge all those interested in quantum computers to consult the CP
archives. Also, my FAQ has a couple of pages on it. Grep for the main
topic, or for Shor.

This comes up every 3-4 months and produces the same speculations.

I think nanotech and quantum computers have even less to do with real
concerns than Waco and Foster do.

--Tim May

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