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Re: Liability for Key Cracking in Idle Hours?

>Damien may be able to tell us if Ecole Polytechnique has raised any
>questions about his highly-publicized attack on the SSL Challenge key.

Well, I asked for permission before I used the machines, so I don't
expect any problem.  (Actually, I asked for the permission, then
launched the processes, then got the permission, but it doesn't make
any difference, does it ?  I should have also asked permission for
putting their name in my announce, though.)

It seems that the Herald Tribune called them about a cracker, and they
refused to comment.  They must have gone in paranoid mode, because
they've had lots of trouble with student crackers in the past, and
there is currently not even one student on the campus.  But now, the
situation seems to be in control, although I had no official contact
from Ecole Polytechnique.

Ecole Normale Superieure did not react at all.  They're all on
vacation anyway.

By the way, "cypherpunks" keep getting mentioned in interviews with
the press.  I hope that's OK with you all.

-- Damien