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Re: True Names and Webs of Trust

At 4:38 PM 8/22/95, Rich Salz wrote:
>> This has relevance to the thread Michael Froomkin raised, as well. To wit,
>> none of the people I've met has been "certified." And yet it doesn't bother
>> me.
>Just because you haven't been able to easily do it yet, nor found it useful,
>is no reason not to let new technology provide this service to you.

I wasn't saying I wouldn't let new technology provide this service for me.

I was just saying that lack of it has not been a problem, so far. In very
few of my dealings, even in the economic world, have I needed to have any
kind of certification.

(Buying a new house recently is where I needed certification of inspectors,
escrow agents, title companies, etc.)

--Tim May

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