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Re: NEXT CHALLENGE: so, when does it start?

Well, I've got the program, and I'm ready to start sweeping
(about 35,600 keys/sec on a P5  90 Mhz NT machine - have to see
how many I can draft for this) - I even compiled for Win 3.11 (less
than 800 keys/sec on a 486/33 - don't think I'll bother).

I've got the challenge file from Adam's messages.

But when do we start? Have we started already? Have we completed?

It's difficult to tell. There was talk of starting at 12:00GMT (about 6 
AM here on the east coast), but there was no 'start now' message to 
the list. At Adam's site, I can see that 'project 11fa' has been 
completed, but the key (000000001234) looks like test data.

If I try to allocate keys, I get the 600 SLEEP 3600 message, which
suggests strongly  that the seach has not started yet.

Adam, when you fix a time to start the search, could you:

1. Send a message to the list, clearly saying so, and giving the 

2. Put a <h1>headline</h1> in your page saying it's underway?


Peter Trei
Senior Software Engineer
Purveyor Development Team                                
Process Software Corporation
[email protected]