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   8-23-95. NYPaper:

   "Cyberspace Prophets Discuss Their 'Revolution' Face to

      Supporters of Newt Gingrich gathered at a conference
      with the savants of cyberspace to create a common vision
      for America's future in the digital age. Conservative
      venture capitalists and self-proclaimed former hippies
      and anarchists all seemed to agree that America is
      entering an "information revolution" that will
      profoundly restructure the political, economic and
      social landscape. Discussion among the panelists was
      heavy on theory and often long on egoo.

   "Checks Delivered Via E-Mail Are Planned."

      A group of banks and technology companies said yesterday
      that they would design a system to create "electronic
      checks" that could be used to make payments over the
      Internet or other electronic mail systems. Unlike the
      electronic bill-payment services increasingly offered by
      banks, electronic checks could be sent directly by
      customers to their recipients, without going through the
      bank. The electronic check would contain all the
      information that is on today's paper checks. In
      addition, the check would contain a "digital signature,"
      a security code that could prove that the check was
      authorized by the account holder.

   Lion to ewe: NYS_ize (13kb)