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Aptical foddering

At 5:31 PM 8/23/95, Robert Hettinga wrote:

>Tim, just what does "aptical" mean? ;-).

As in "aptical foddering."

I put this as my occupation on my draft registration form (Selective
Service, aka "the draft") in 1969, from memories of a science fiction
story. The canonical nonsense term, but vaguely plausible.

I have used it often in the past 26 years.

Someone about a year ago (sorry, forgot whom) sent me a note saying he
recognized this from a Keith Laumer short story, something along the lines
of "Graduating Class" or somesuch. (Not this title, but something with a
school or class theme.)

Relevance to crypto? If you have to ask what aptical foddering has to do
with crypto....!

--Tim May

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