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Government Accountability through Cryptography

Recently, there have been many scandals (Ruby Ridge, Whitewater, the death of
Vince Foster, Waco) involving the government.  Even if the government is
completely innocent, the perception of corruption is damaging.  A big part of
the problem comes from claims that incriminating documents have been hidden,
destroyed, or altered.  I believe I have a solution.  If the government would
just encrypt (using 64 bit keys or less) all their internal documents and
publish them electronically, they could be checked when questions arise.  The
key should be held in escrow by a private company to be released only by court
order, executive order, or act of Congress.  Since this is very similar to
the administration's proposal on cryptography, I'm sure they won't object.
Perhaps we should lobby Congress.

Frank Stuart              | (Admiral Grace) Hopper's Law:
[email protected] | It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.