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Re: Out of state gambling

Anonymous writes
>Could someone, perhaps a furriner, perhaps talk to the folks
>at casino.org and see if they would be willing to open a book on
>presidential election outcomes.  Or perhaps organize something with
>an enterprising London/Moscow gambling house, preferably with fast
>IP feed, and constantly updated odds on the web.

None of this is necessary.  The University of Iowa's Business School
already has this sort of thing.  They run a real-money futures market
which currently has the following three markets:

1996 Presidential Election
1996 Republican Convention Nomination
1996 Colin Powell Nomination

The URL is <URL:http://www.biz.uiowa.edu/iem/index.html>

Just as an aside, the Republicans have been steadily losing ground
over the last three months.  The difference between the Republican
coupon and the Clinton reelection coupon is about 1/2 cent, down
from 10 cents or so a few months ago.