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Re: SSL CHALLENGE: ALERT! probable misallocation of keys?

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Trei <[email protected]> writes:

    > I've been looking at the allocated list of keys, and I notice a
    > possible problem: One user has allocated 50,000 segements:

    > 0c2b-cf7a NOACK 0c2b 50000 Joe Thomas <[email protected]>

    > Now, it's possible this fellow has some vast farm of high-speed
    > workstations, but I doubt it.  Finger suggests that this is a
    > linux box. [...]

Finger reports that it is indeed a linux (1.2.9) box with a low load
average (0.00, 0.00, 0.00 right now), but that Mr. Thomas is on from

nemesis refuses finger, telnet, and ftp connections, but, on WWW
connect, asks for a userid and password for the "Marcam Development
WWW site at nemesis.ogi.com."

Marcam (http://www.marcam.com) makes something to do with computers,
so Mr. Thomas could well have a bunch of computers at his
disposal... (Even so, 50000 is a big number)

I can't actually figure out what, specifically, Marcam makes.  They
produce applications which reduce costs, increase flexibility, and the
whole shebang... but nowhere does it say what the programs *do*...

Smells like an NSA front.

-sq :)