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Re: Brute SSL Challenge

>  In the same vein, a 32 bit OS2 version would be nice.

There a 32 bit OS2 app which TJ Hardin compiled, it's on the ftp and
web site.  It was compiled with the OS2 version of gcc.

>   I'm not sure how brutessl works exactly, but if it could connect to the 
> server, get its key assignments, and then chug away while disconnected 
> from the net I could see what kind of speed I get out of my 40MHz 486.

A the moment, there is no C code version of the client, it's perl
only, and I suspect would not work under OS/2 even with the perl for
OS2 even without a fair bit of work.

You could, however, use the WWW key doler, there's a place where you
can request keyspace.