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BruteSSL: WTF? 0c2b-cf7a NOACK 0c2b 50000 Joe Thomas <[email protected]>

> It appears that Joe Thomas <[email protected]> has more or less locked
> (until things start getting reassigned) most of the keyspace.  Even
> if he had a MasPar, it would still take him more than 2 days to
> check this space.  

Presumably it's just an error, never attribute to malice what can be
explained by simple error (as the saying goes).

> Does anyone know what the deal with this is?  A simple error?  A
> malicious attack? (I think that the SKSP is far to insecure to be
> effective....I could falsely ACK parts of the keyspace if I wanted
> to be mean.)

You could falsely ACK keyspace, but it's designed so that it would be
hard to do this by accident, one of the nos is a checksum, which is
trivial to calculate (for a malicious user who cared to read the
source), but 1/65536 of getting it right by accident.

It'll sort itself out tho', because the way Piete Brooks has written
it, when keyspace reaches FFFF, it starts re-assigning the ones which
aren't acked yet, so the 50000 keys will start getting assigned again.