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Re: brloop not working

> OK - I dig this, but brutessl on my Linux box is still complaining about 
> usage...(sorry about the bandwidth but I assume other people are probably 
> having similar problems)

OK -- I'll leave CP on the CC list then ...

+ eval brclient -dklLtssl|(read a;nice -20 brutessl - $a)|(read a;echo  
$a 1>&2;
 echo $a) |brclient -AlLtssl
++ brclient -dklLtssl
++ brclient -AlLtssl
++ read a
++ read a
++ nice -20 brutessl -

That's the problem -- "brclient -dklLtssl" failed to return any keys,
[ congestion of the server :-((( ]
so brutessl was called with just the "-" which brloop put there.