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Re: server congestion?

On Thu Aug 24 19:00:15 1995: you scribbled...
> > Couldn't one take advantage of the 50.000 mistake, by
> > setting up a second server for that space.
> The design of the prtotocol assumes a hierarchy -- maybe in the next attempt.
> Static partitioning would be possible (e.g. 0000-7ffff and 8000-ffff)
> but there are problems with acking to the right server, deciding which to
> contact, etc.

It would probably be best to have the "child" servers requeset large
chunnks of keyspace from a "parent" server.  This may require some minimal
extension to the protocol.  In particular, in the helo, you may want to
add a "client type" field which would be either "Client" or "Server".  If
it's a "Server" the parent server would keep track of the name/ip of the
"child" server.  If someone tried to ack a set of keyspace that the "child"
server was responsible for, the "parent" server would return either a 

	601 STOP <child server/port>

or perhaps a new return code  such as

	602 ACKHERE <child server/port>

The 602 code would differ from the 601 code stop in that the client could
come back to either server in the future.

This would let a real "Client" could request keys from any server, but 
would have to ack back to the same server.

When the "child" server runs out of keyspace, it would get some more from
it's "parent" server.  

Just my $0.02.