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Re: SSL CHALLENGE: ALERT! probable misallocation of keys?

> Just a dumb question: when brutessl-brclient-brloop will find the key,
> will it report it to the keyserver right away?

IF it manages to get a word in edgeways, yes.

However, I fear some ACKS are being lost :-(

> What I mean is can I just start the brloops on my machines and log out,
> and not have to look at the display all the time?

Indeed -- it's meant to run unattended.

HOWEVER, due to the problems with loosing ACKs, it would be useful to send
the output to a log file, and then check that all the scanned segments made it
to the server [[ NB: stats updates are currently manual !! ]]

> BTW how can I log brloop's output into a file and not to the screen?

sh:	brloop >> logfile 2>&1 &
csh	brloop >>& logfile &		(I think)

Aliter:	"nohup brloop &" might do it