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Re: The Theory of Nymity (value of True Names)

Larry Detweiler wrote:

> part of L.D.'s demonstrations were the harm that someone with
> some ingenuity, flair, malice, and boredom could wreak on any 
> cyberspatial community through the use of unrestrained 
> anonymity/pseudonymity. and it appears that some of you still
> don't get the point. perhaps another reminder or demonstration
> is in order 

Larry has from time to time attempted to prove that net 
anarchy is a bad thing, because people can engage in 
nasty pointless destructive behavior.  In addition to his 
battles with the cypherpunks list over anonymity, he has 
also argued with pretty much the entire net community 
that without a central authority it is meaningless to 
attempt to distinguish between good conduct and bad 
conduct, and has attempted to prove his thesis by actual 

His accounts have been repeatedly yanked, he has found 
himself under endless savage attack by a large part of 
the entire internet, and has repeatedly gone completely 
insane, possible because of the emotional stress 
resulting from massive hostility, denigration, and 
contempt from huge numbers of people.

Of late his attacks have become more cautious and less 
likely to provoke massive retaliation. He appears to have 
recovered his sanity temporarily.

Perhaps another reminder or demonstration is in order.
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